Monday, March 5, 2012

Tall Blue Yukata (with mystery motif!), Zentsuu Obi, and Red Kinchaku

I saw this super tall (176 cm) blue yukata online last night, and of course, I could not resist!

I can tell that the dangling plants are either fuji or yanagi (not quite sure which, but I am leaning toward yanagi). The other flower (maybe peony?) I cannot quite tell since the design style is very fuzzy around the edges. If you know, tell me please!

I also bought a zentsuu fukuro obi to (hopefully) use for my upcoming geiko henshin. I love it's coppery color!

And last, but not least, I won this red kinchaku on eBay. I really wanted it because it has a fall motif, unlike my other 2 kinchaku. I was hoping it would be longer than the others, but that will just have to wait.

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