Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hanhaba Obi x2!

I must be on a green kick lately (new blog colors, most notably), because it seems every thing I buy or want lately is green. Maybe I'm craving fresh spring and warm summer? Anyway, I received my ichigo yukata today (it's so cute!!), but other than red (which is really too bright compared to ther red tones in the yukata), I didn't have any obi to match it. I decided to play on the green tones in the leaves and bought this obi:

It's been a very long time since I purchased a new obi, and I'm very happy about the length of this obi (420 cm). It should be easier to make a nice musubi since I can actually spare some length! Darn this American body! XP

I also bought a white hanhaba obi for da-da-da-da! $5! from Tosen on Rakuten. They always have such great deals, but I usually miss out on the item I want. Luckily, the one they had left of these three was the white one (I plan on coordinating it with my blue yukata).

I'll have to take better pictures when it arrives since the only full picture was of all three obi.


  1. Nice obi you got! They will look great with your yukata. I love green obi with yukata

  2. What a lovely shade of green. It'll surely look lovely with the yukata <3
    And congratz on your lucky deal ^^