Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Japanese Bon Festival 2012 (and surprise engagement!)

September 7 and 8 was the Japanese Bon Festival here in Memphis. Friday night was a reception for the festival and a local Japanese teacher who put in over 35 years of service. I only have one photo that someone snapped of Josh, my dance teacher, and me. We were trying to decide what type of animal the "Candyman" from Epcot had made. We think it may be a pegasus?

The second day was very busy for me. Josh and I started the day helping with tea ceremony.

Higashi and fukusa
I was the assistant. Here I am bringing the sweets to the main guest.
Patti is trying to show our friend Jason how to enter the tea room. He looks so serious!
Another couple and Josh and I are the "beginner" members. Sensei is telling us what we need to do for the demonstration.
 After tea ceremony, I hurried off to ready my models for a short kimono presentation.
The three female models. 
Dressing Becka
Becka in a fall ensemble. Cecilia in a spring one.
  What I didn't know was that I was in for a huge surprise at the end of the kimono presentation. Josh took the mic and proposed. I cried so hard! Of course I said yes!! And our friends caught the pics.

I had to play the shamisen right after the proposal. Despite being choked up, I did well for my first public performance!

At the end of the day, our dance group performed a modern-style dance and then four different bon odori dances. 
Performing "Tanko Bushi"
Everyone in yukata!
We made uchiwa. Our kanji is so bad!!
Going home. A long, exciting day is done. =)

Chanoyu Juban and Brown Obiage

Sorry it's been so long since the last post! I had to move fairly suddenly, and I GOT ENGAGED!! So, real-life things had to take precedence for a little while.

Anyway, I saw this men's juban the other night and decided it would be a mistake to let it go. It's large for a vintage piece, and it has chanoyu (tea ceremony) implements on it as well as some nice shibori. I hope it will fit Josh nicely.

Since I knew I'd be paying the shipping anyway, I slipped an obiage in on this order. This nice warm metallic brown color should fit nicely with the fall ensembles coming up.