Friday, April 25, 2014

Green Summer Komon

I think this will be the last summer kimono I buy this year, or at least the last more expensive one. I had accrued a lot of points on Rakuten, so I broke down and bought this green summer komon that I had been thinking about.

It's a simple enough design without being too boring. And because it's not jarring, I can likely use it for my tea ceremony lessons. =)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tsuki no Ie Okiya at MTAC 2014

This was my 6th year attending the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention in Nashville, TN. Many people have posted their "reports" from the convention, and honestly, most were not complimentary. To sum up, they had to move to a smaller venue because the convention center decided to break their contract after last year's event. I thought the hotel they moved to was nice, but I did have to sit in line for a very long time to get checked in and out (not the con staff's fault). I really didn't attend any events because I did so many panels. The only complaint I have is how they check in panelists. I was told at first to go to programming ops, but then no one knew whether I needed to wait in the regular pre-registration line for my badges. They used to have a separate check-in area for panelists doing 3 hours or more of presentations, and they gave them a special presenter badge. No special badges, and after some utter confusion with check-in, my sister (who used for work for their sister con and knows everyone) got me checked in without having to wait in the huge pre-reg line. That being said, the rest of the time went pretty smoothly for me (except for the 30 minute wait to get into the dealer's room on Sunday, but I digress...).

We did 3 panels on Saturday. The first panel was on how to put on geisha-style makeup and kimono. We dressed the newest member of our geiko-henshin group (and celebrated her "misedashi"). The second event was an Urasenke style tea ceremony. I was the host, my husband narrated, and the other members of my geiko-henshin group filled the main guest and assistant roles. The last event of the day was our "ozashiki". I performed two pieces on the shamisen ("Hana Momiji" and "Kurokami"), then the girls danced "Sakura Sakura" and I accompanied on the shamisen, and finally we demonstrated and played "Konpira Fune Fune" and "Tora Tora" with our guests. I hope some other people took pictures and will send them my way, because I forgot to have my husband take pictures during the 1st and 3rd panels. The pictures we did take were after the 1st panel.

All of the performers (by performing names, L to R): Tsukiteru, Tsukiko, and Tsukiuma
"Sisters" - Tsukiteru and Tsukiuma
Gratuitous obi shot!
My sister is a decent photographer, so she got some good shots of me in my new whirlpool hikizuri, and some good closeups. I am really proud of my makeup this time, especially the eyebrows! I usually make them messy (very shaky hands) and too thick for my taste. And I got to wear my new katsura that is in MUCH better shape than the old one and fits me so much better. I like how it frames my face better as well. Of course, I'm critical of myself, and I wish I had made the hikizuri tighter around my hips, so I'll try to do that next time.
From the front
From the side (This is my favorite shot!)
Obi shot - I love this gold shippou obi!
Close-up from the front
3/4 view, close-up (my second favorite picture)
Thank you for looking!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tsubaki or Peony? Or Something Else?

I bought this tsumugi komon today, but I'm not really sure what the motif is due to the colors being faint and the design lacking detail. I'm thinking it's either tsubaki (camellia) or botan (peony), and I'm leaning toward tsubaki. If it may help in identification, the kimono is hitoe. Help is greatly appreciated!!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Black Goshoguruma Furisode

Another piece for my geiko and maiko henshin group, Tsuki no Ie Okiya! This is my second black furisode, so now I have enough for both of my maiko henshin performers (I have a kurotomesode and black hikizuri for myself since I do geiko henshin).

The design on this one is goshoguruma (royal cart).

From a distance, the colors don't look very interesting, but up close, you can see that there's much more depth and brightness:

I'd love to add our crests to both of my black furisode. Dyeing is not really an option since these are already black in those places, so either paint or embroidery would likely be the best bet. Suggestions?