Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Jiuta Shamisen Resource and Blog Project

Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you a project I started recently: Tsukiko Shamisen.

I have been playing shamisen for over 3 years, and I was disappointed by the lack of English resources for shamisen. The ones that do exist are mostly focused around tsugaru style - which is quite distinct from the very traditional jiuta. The project is a blog and resource, written in English, for jiuta style specifically. While my highest recommendation is to find an instructor, this resource will be available for those who cannot find an instructor and want to know the basics or for those with an instructor who would just would like a reference in between lessons. Much of the information will be things that may seem simple, but the instructor may not necessarily teach you - like how to read the packages of strings to know that you're getting the right size and gauge. I also will talk about reading music, instrument care, etc. And I hope to document any milestones in my own playing.

If you are at all interested in shamisen, please take a look!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Immortal Geisha Forum Closure

It was announced today that the Immortal Geisha forum will be closing soon. =,(

I understand and respect Mrs. Hormozi's decision for closing the forum, but it will be missed nonetheless. She did state that it will still available in an archival format and will hopefully be eventually incorporated into the IG Wiki. I am glad that so many people have been able to add to the international body of knowledge on kimono and geisha over the past 12 years.

I certainly wouldn't be where I am today without all of the wonderful people of IG. I found the forums after seeing the movie Memoirs of a Geisha. I was fascinated by what I saw on the screen, and the people of IG really helped to separate the fact from the fiction! As a result of my interest in geisha, I became enamored with the idea of getting a kimono. When I joined the forums in 2008, I was looking at those polyester costume kimono and thinking that was a legitimate thing. IG to the rescue! I was quickly put on the right track to finding what I needed. The whole thing began as the purchase of an orange tsukesage, and now look where we are! Interest and research into kimono and geisha got me into dance, shamisen, and tea ceremony. These hobbies have gotten me out of my introverted shell, and my life is much fuller and richer than it ever would have been otherwise.

I am eternally grateful to Immortal Geisha.

どうもありがとうございました!  m(_ _)m