Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yellow Tsumugi Kitsuke

I got my yellow tsumugi kimono in the mail today, and I immediately tried it on. I can now see why many people are so fond of tsumugi. The fabric felt amazing to the touch, and it's a dream to wear! I have a feeling that I will be looking for more tsumugi when the kimono coffers are refilled. ;)

Very Long Bird Komon

Finally! A very tall kimono that didn't completely break the bank! I ordered this bird komon today. A lovely person on the Immortal Geisha forums identified the birds as barn swallows (tsubame). ANYWAY... It's a generous 67 inches, so I will be able to make a really nice ohashori.

I'm content. ^_^

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tsuta Nagoya Obi and Stylized Rangiku Men's Yukata

My two purchases of the day:

First is a tsumugi nagoya obi with a tsuta (ivy) motif. It's roughly woven so as to be somewhat sheer, and therefore cool and summery.

Second is a men's yukata for my boyfriend. This one has stylized rangiku (spider mum) on it.

I will post kitsuke pictures when they arrive. ^_^

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blue Striped Hitoe Kitsuke

I haven't practiced kitsuke since MTAC, so before the ABC meeting on Sunday, I quickly put on my blue striped hitoe kimono. I didn't use any padding for two reasons: 1. I only had 30 minutes to get dressed for the meeting, and 2. It was hot outside. I used my warm brown hanhaba obi and tied it in karuta musubi since I would be driving and didn't want to crush the musubi. It was "matchy" but I added the ice blue obijime to help secure the karuta. For dressing in only 20 minutes without padding, I'd say I didn't do too bad.

I'm going to try to wear kimono to more meetings in the future. ^_^

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yellow Tsumugi

I've been collecting and wearing kimono for four years now, and I have finally gotten an appreciation for wool and tsumugi. In the past, I went for bright and gaudy, but my tastes are changing as I get older and my collection grows. I have a few pieces that I am currently trying to trade so I don't spend too much money, but I really couldn't pass up this gorgeous yellow tsumugi.

I won't be able to wear it until autumn, but that will give me time to coordinate it with a fall obi. I has lines of green, red, and brown thread, so I will be looking for a dyed or painted obi that plays on those colors. My dark red obiage and brown obijime would probably fit nicely with it as far as accessories go, but until I select the obi, I will hold off on that coordination.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sha Kimono with Omodaka Motif

I honestly was not sure what motif I had on this new sha kimono that I purchased from Shinei today. The seller listed it as "bamboo flower", but after looking through Japanese motif sites, I was unable to find a good match. I asked around, and I do believe it's omodaka or water plantain. Here's the piece:

Close-up of design:

My plan is to either trade for pale or butter yellow ro obiage and obijime or re-dye my pale blue ro obiage and coral obijime. The color would match my other summer ensemble as well. I think that an woven obi of the pale blue color on the kimono or the teal color would round out the piece nicely. I am certainly up for suggestions as well!

Monday, May 16, 2011


We have less than 2 months left until Anime Blues Con! We just finalized the schedule yesterday, and I am PUMPED! This is going to be an amazing weekend with tracks ranging from otaku, to culture, to adult, to kids' activities, to gaming, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!! I hope we have a great turnout this year! Please either email me at or go to the website if you have any questions! See you at the Tower!