Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some new things!

These haven't arrived yet, but I ordered an obiage and obijime set for myself two weeks ago. I hope they will arrive this week since I had them sent AirMail, but who knows. Anyway, the picture is below. Sorry, there is only one. I will post kitsuke pictures when they arrive.

Spring is in the air! Kind of...

All of the cherry trees here in Memphis are finally blooming! I wait the whole year for this, so once the weather clears up (it is currently ICING outside), it will be time for hanami! My friends and I are planning to go to the Japanese garden at the Memphis Botanical Gardens and have a nice bento picnic. I hope many of my friends will come because it will be a relaxing day.

The crappy weather has most likely ruined our plans for a camping trip this weekend, but on the plus side, that gives me more time to study for my test on Monday, and we can maybe watch a marathon of Band of Brothers. Or play video games. Or just chill. I am good at the last one.

And update on my relationship issues. Jerk has not called. Thank God.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

And finally, the big snow!

We here in Memphis have not had a big (well, big for our area) snow in a long time, and last night (my birthday, by the way!) the snow fell! We got about 4-6 inches of snow, so, of course, we all turned into children and had fun playing in the snow. I decided it might be fun to let the horses out around nine o'clock this morning. I was not sure if my new horse had ever seen snow, so I wanted to see his reaction.
Whether or not he's seen it, he had fun. Both of the horses ran around and played for hours. They even taught themselves how to break the ice on the tank to get water! They are clever, when they want to be... And I guess Teddy (the grey one) thought it would be fun to roll in the snow. It was like he was trying to make a snow angel. :)