Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Big Feet Problems...

Even for an American woman, I have larger than average feet (not to mention being taller than most women as well). That has always made kimono a very difficult hobby, and I have had to compromise for many things. I finally started finding more kimono that were taller and decently priced, but shoes have been a little more elusive. For me to get the size I really need, it's rare for shoes to be in my price range - if they're even available. I have found ways to make smaller shoes more comfortable (loosening the hanao, for example), but of course, the look is a little off.

Today, I got very lucky though! I was watching the Begin Japanology documentary on geta and zori, and I decided to look around for new zori. I was shocked that in the very first page of my search to come across a seller who has my size AND for an affordable price! While not all the colors were available in my size, the two colors I really wanted were.

I hope they arrive quickly!