Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yellow Tsumugi

I've been collecting and wearing kimono for four years now, and I have finally gotten an appreciation for wool and tsumugi. In the past, I went for bright and gaudy, but my tastes are changing as I get older and my collection grows. I have a few pieces that I am currently trying to trade so I don't spend too much money, but I really couldn't pass up this gorgeous yellow tsumugi.

I won't be able to wear it until autumn, but that will give me time to coordinate it with a fall obi. I has lines of green, red, and brown thread, so I will be looking for a dyed or painted obi that plays on those colors. My dark red obiage and brown obijime would probably fit nicely with it as far as accessories go, but until I select the obi, I will hold off on that coordination.

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