Friday, April 11, 2014

Black Goshoguruma Furisode

Another piece for my geiko and maiko henshin group, Tsuki no Ie Okiya! This is my second black furisode, so now I have enough for both of my maiko henshin performers (I have a kurotomesode and black hikizuri for myself since I do geiko henshin).

The design on this one is goshoguruma (royal cart).

From a distance, the colors don't look very interesting, but up close, you can see that there's much more depth and brightness:

I'd love to add our crests to both of my black furisode. Dyeing is not really an option since these are already black in those places, so either paint or embroidery would likely be the best bet. Suggestions?


  1. Embroidery is better,I think. Are there any shops of carving crests on kimono there?

    1. Unfortunately, there's no one around here that does that; however, I do know some very talented people who may be able to pull it off (we'll test on scrap fabric to make sure, of course).