Friday, April 25, 2014

Green Summer Komon

I think this will be the last summer kimono I buy this year, or at least the last more expensive one. I had accrued a lot of points on Rakuten, so I broke down and bought this green summer komon that I had been thinking about.

It's a simple enough design without being too boring. And because it's not jarring, I can likely use it for my tea ceremony lessons. =)


  1. Hello and konnichiwa, Tsukiko-san! Just wanted to drop a line saying how beautiful your kitsuke pictures are and how much fun I have looking at them. Your henshin photos have only grown more beautiful of late! Thank you so much for putting them online!

    What style of tea ceremony are you learning?

    Best wishes,

    Hasume (Hugs from St. Louis!!!)

    1. Arigatou gozaimasu, Hasume-san! Thank for your kind words!

      I am learning Urasenke style tea ceremony.