Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tsubaki or Peony? Or Something Else?

I bought this tsumugi komon today, but I'm not really sure what the motif is due to the colors being faint and the design lacking detail. I'm thinking it's either tsubaki (camellia) or botan (peony), and I'm leaning toward tsubaki. If it may help in identification, the kimono is hitoe. Help is greatly appreciated!!!


  1. I would say camellia too, although I though they flowered in the winter months?

    1. Kofuji, they do flower in the winter, but I wonder if maybe the design is on a hitoe kimono to remind of us of cooler days as we move into the hot summer months?

  2. Beautiful komon. I think it's tsubaki,too. Peony has more petals,I think.