Monday, March 12, 2012

Beige Sha Komon, Red Mandarin Duck Ro Obi, and 2 New Juban

I am definitely anticipating summer (as seen in past posts), and here's another summer purchase! The first item is a beige sha komon with hana design from Shinei.

The second is a red(-ish) ro nagoya obi with Mandarin duck design from Ichiroya. This was one of those items that I saw and immediately knew I had to have it!

I am glad I found both of these items today because nearly all of the summer kimono and obi I own are shades of blue or white/cream. While those tones feel cool in the sweltering summer heat, I really wanted some variety. =)

Last, I ordered 2 juban off Rakuten. The first is just a simple white ro juban. I have a ro juban, but it's too small for most of my summer kimono.

The second juban is a washable one, but the selling point was the color and design: black (which I've never seen on a whole juban) and cherry blossoms.


  1. Hello, where can I order a white juban like that? All the ones I've come across are more than 60 dollars and I am searching for something cheaper.