Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Recent Buys and Assembling Maiko Henshin

I decided recently that in addition to my geiko henshin (complete, but not debuted), I would also like to attempt a maiko henshin. So I began to assemble to pieces I will need. I have a red obiage, but it's pretty plain, so I decided to purchase an inexpensive one from Shinei and paint the designs myself. I got this type that they've had for a while. It was only $4, so I don't feel bad about adding to the design to make it more "maiko".

I also purchased a wide vintage obijime, which I may or may not use for the henshin.

These are from a few weeks ago, but I never posted them. The yellow shibori obiage is for my red furisode, but the orange and purple obiage is just because I liked it. =)

I have literally being watching this bag for YEARS. It was discounted steeply as it was the last one, so I snatched it!

Lastly, the coup de gras! A pre-tied darari style obi from Ichiroya. I've been eyeing it for weeks, but I went on ahead and got it tonight.

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