Monday, July 9, 2012

Tall Furisode

I kept saying, "Never again!" after I sold off my last furisode. They're beautiful, but so complex, and the closer I get to the "age limit" the more I think that it's not a smart investment. And yet, here I am, with another furisode! I debated buying this for about two minutes (literally), and with coersion from my boyfriend, I went ahead and purchased it.

I decided it was ok for several reasons: 1. It's my size (172cm tall, 140cm wingspan); 2. It's pretty; 3. I need it for a kimono lecture in September (as the only furisode I currently have is a plain pink tsumugi one); and 4. It was marked down from $1,500 to $125 (and it's brand-new with no flaws). So call me crazy, but I had to have it. I think also this obi may look nice with it, but I'll have a better idea in person.

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