Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Kitsuke

Josh and I were off to two Halloween parties tonight, so we decided to go in kimono ^_^. Josh just got his first real kimono and juban the other day, so he decided to wear it. It's a nice dark green tsumugi.

I decided to go out of season and wear the tsubame komon. I needed to wear something washable, and the other choices were too plain or summer kimono, so I just said to heck with seasonality tonight and went for it. I wore a new fukuro obi that I received in a trade. Once again, breaking the rules (fukuro with komon), but I just didn't care tonight XP.

Our first stop of the night is a carriage show where my parents are competing with their pony. After the last class, there will be a costume party. Then we're going to Josh's friend's house for their costume party. I hope I'll make it!

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