Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tsumakawa and other buys

Since all my bills have been paid for the month, I wanted to get some things from Rakuten with some of the money I have left. I bought a few small kitsuke things from Kimono-Kyoukomati (like plain white haneri and rain covers for zori), but my two bigger buys from them were tsumakawa and a hip pad.

I've wanted tsumakawa since I saw ones like these in The New Kimono, so at 2,100¥, these were right up my alley ^_^.

I also bought 2 obiage from Kimonozone on Etsy. The first one is white background with blue shibori momiji and various geometric designs. The second is brown and grey with gold paint and wax-dyed filigree.

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