Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Costume Contest at the Nashoba Carriage Show

My parents drive carriage horses, and this year's local show was the weekend before Halloween, so they had a costume contest! My parents wanted to do a "rickshaw for rent" theme, so they asked me to wear a kimono and dress my dad in one (as he would be driving). My boyfriend Josh wore his new green tsumugi kimono for fun, even though he wasn't in the carriage with us. My sister made the saddle pad for the pony (his name is Third Rock :kawaii: ), the sign on the back of the carriage, and took the pictures. My kimono is not seasonally appropriate, but I wanted something synthetic so I could wash it if it got dirty.

The carriage!

When I saw the sign, I asked my sister, "Did you just write Japanese gibberish on it?!" XP

Dad just wore his regular clothes underneath the yukata, as it was cool outside and we had less than ideal conditions to dress (sorry no closeups of the yukata).

We got a lot of compliments, and won the "Traveled the Farthest" award!

Some other costumes are pictured below.

Batman and the Joker:

Red Devils:


Mayberry (the blanket says "Just Nip It") XD

General Halloween theme:


  1. You look really nice in your kimono.
    This carriage show entertain us very much.
    Thank you for sharing wonderful photos.

  2. Thank you very much! It was a fun experience!