Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sakura Kitsuke

Josh and I had another one of our casual "basic" tea ceremonies this weekend. We usually have one once a month that our sensei does not attend (he lives in Ohio and flies down once a month), and it's more for introducing the public to the basics of tea ceremony. They are super casual, so I usually use the chance to wear more casual kimono instead of the more plain iromuji for our other classes.

Today, I took advantage of the chic tea ceremony principle of wearing motifs slightly early. I chose a pink komon with stripes and sakura, a green gingham obi, a peach obiage, a cream sanbuhimo, and a pink rose obidome (made by me). The green and the peach colors were chosen to bring out those tones in the design.

Also wore this new double sakura kanzashi I got from Kimonomachi. Just an extra touch of spring! =D

 Josh wore his light blue kimono and black hakama, and modernized it a bit with a neat hat. I love it!!

 Silly picture of Josh "praising" the moon. He's a night person lol XD

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