Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Blue Botan Kakeshita and Pink Rose Yukata

It's been over a month since my last post! Time got away from me this past month!!

So here's just an update here on what I've bought recently:

A blue kakeshita with red and white botan:

And a black-based yukata with pink roses (and silver glitter!!):

I didn't need the kakeshita for any real reason other than I just wanted it ;) (well, maybe I'll use it for a maiko henshin since it's not as obvious of a kakeshita as some), nor did I really need the yukata, but my dance group is performing again for our local sakura festival at the end of the month, and almost everyone is wearing black-based flowery yukata. I have about 10 yukata, but none fitting that description, so I found this in a TL and well... it'll be here next week XD.


  1. The kakeshita is sooo pretty! I love botan!

  2. Thank you! That one really caught my eye... and my wallet XD