Thursday, March 28, 2013

I like... cats...

Me:      "Hello, my name is Jackie."
Group: "Hi, Jackie."
Me:      "...and I like... cats..."

There should be an equivalent of AA for cat people like me. No, I don't have a million cats in my apartment - just one fluffy little spoiled demon. But I love them as a motif on kimono, and fortunately for me, designers are into this trend as well. One of my favorite sellers on Rakuten was having a sale, so I picked up some things - mostly cat themed things...

Black cat and temari tabi (just look at the pink bow around its neck!)

Cream black cat hanhaba obi

Burgundy cat "peeking" nagoya obi (its red eyes are kind of freaky though!)

Lavender tabi with colorful dots

And biyosugata (Thanks, Bebe Taian!). This one is hanhaba sized, mostly for yukata musubi.

So yeah... 猫がだいすきです! >^-^<


  1. The tabi whith cat are just super cute ! *__*

  2. Biyosugata!

    And I LOVE the cat nagoya obi! Do they have a blue or black one? <3

  3. Thank you, Kaeru!! I love them!

    And thank you, Bebe Taian! I feel so bad I couldn't remember!! *blush* Sadly no, they don't have blue or black. This was the last color available.

  4. aaaahahahahaha. Hi my name is Hasume, and I like... dragons...(runs and hides)
    I have 2 dragon obi and a dragon-painted kimono. It's a super-masculine motif, so I don't wear it out much!!! (I also have several dragon-themed tees and sweatshirts and a dragonfly yukata - don't tell anyone)