Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mid-South Con/Go Hime Entry and Sakura Festival

This past weekend was Mid-South Con, a local sci-fi/fantasy convention. They do include some anime things, but for the most part, it's not my cup of tea. Josh and I decided to go on Saturday mostly based on being bored, and my sister was doing some promotional stuff there. Last minute, I decided to do kimono hime style with my blue sparrow and take Taisho Roman kimono. Here's the result:

The orange colored "obidome" is actually a Pikachu button because the little pink rose obidome I had on broke... I also decided to enter this in the Go Hime contest. Here's to hoping!

On Sunday, we had our local Sakura Festival. This is the first year that we've had to do it indoors and there were no sakura trees blooming! Usually, the blossoms are almost gone by now because our weather gets warm early, but it's been an usually cold spring so far, so the buds haven't bloomed yet. And it was rainy on top of being cold!

Anyway, my dance group performed traditional and modern dances, and they also had taiko drummers and various stations with crafts or other culture things to do. Here's some pictures from the day:

The entrance

Wasting time before the performance

The guys did a traditional dance called "Kojo no Tsuki".

Our modern dance to "Oh! Enka"

Our traditional dance was "Sakura Sakura".

Our traditional dance was "Sakura Sakura".

Bon odori dancing; this one is "Tokyo Ondo".

Bon odori dancing; this one is "Nintama Ondo".

Our dance group =)

Some of the little gifts for sale, mostly homemade!

Sachi-san and me. I love her style!

Sachi-san made tea for the guests

Sachi-san made tea for the guests

Sachi-san did kimono dressing, too!

Me in my yukata. (Please note that I'm wearing tabi because of the dance.)

Taiko drummers

Taiko drummers


  1. Looks like fun! :D Thanks for sharing!

  2. yay, miniskirt kitsuke ^^ You looked great, how the kimono hime crowd likes it as much as i do ^^