Thursday, May 3, 2012

2 New Men's Yukata, Matcha Hitoe Iromuji, and Polka Dot Hanhaba Obi

More buys to share! Josh keeps complaining that when we go to our tea ceremony lessons, he has to wear the same thing every time. Whether or not he admits it, he has the kimono bug! We got him two yukata. The first is an off white cotton hemp blend that, honestly, once you put a juban underneath and hakama on top, no one will know it isn't a summer weight kimono.

The second item I have to share is a really neat navy blue yukata with water, bubble, and koi pattern. I am honestly jealous that this isn't a women's kimono! He was especially excited about this one, so I cannot wait for him to try it on.

Next, the women's pieces. The first is a matcha green hitoe iromuji. Being the color of matcha and washable, this will be a great piece to wear for my tea ceremony lessons. =) Unlike all of my recent TL size pieces, this one is a 2L, BUT it has 140cm wingspan, so I can deal with 165 cm height (instead of 172 cm, but I can make a decent ohashori out of any kimono greater than 163 cm tall).

The last piece I have to share is a cute hanhaba obi. It's rose pink on one side with silver polka dots, and the other side is magenta with an asanoha pattern. I love the pop of color, as many of my items are of safer hues.

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