Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Southern Motifs?

I was browsing some other kimono blogs lately, and this one caught my eye: The Great Lakes Kimono Revolution. While I don't personally agree with some of the things the author says about kitsuke, to each his/her own. However, the section on colors and motifs for each month/season got me thinking. The Southern United States really puts on a show as far as the plant life goes, so why not do a spot for each month/season featuring motifs native to this area? I may also note what weight kimono would be proper for our weather, as CLEARLY our weather here is much warmer than Japan. I'm going to do some research, and then I'll try to make this a regular page (with updates as we go along). Any suggestions (and photos, especially if it's of a motif on a kimono) are welcome. =)


  1. Hmmm... beaches, fried chicken, lemons on sweet tea glasses... >D The trees are pretty much always green. The only fabrics would be ro, sha, or yukata cotton. Oooh! In the winter, we could wear TWO layers of sha! Strawberries, oranges, blueberries down here in FL. Maybe bell peppers too, since those have an actual season.

    Honestly, what WOULD we put on our clothes if we did Southern-themed kimono? O.o

  2. Well, it does get cold enough in TN for awase, but only for a few months (maybe mid-December through early February, and that depends purely on the weather that year). So we basically have the opposite of Japan in length season for fabric: they have a relatively long awase season with short hitoe and ro/sha seasons, whereas we have long hitoe and ro/sha seasons and short awase season.

    By the way, I actually do have a yukata with strawberries, so there's an ode to the South right there. =)