Monday, May 21, 2012

Tea Ceremony Implements

Josh and I have been taking tea ceremony lessons for a little while and finally have been taught to perform the basic "tray ceremony", so we decided we'd like to be able to practice at home as well. We already own a chasen (as a part of a matcha gift set I bought years ago), fukusa, a tray, etc., but of course, we needed many other items. I let Josh pick out a few inexpensive things on eBay. Here's what he picked. =)

Interestingly lacquered natsume:

Summer chawan (very modern in design AND dishwasher safe XP):

Chashaku (black bamboo):

Naoshi (even lighter blue in reality):

He also picked out some matcha for us. I think he did well with a small budget! =) We hope to become more proficient with practice at home!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful lacquered Natsume!
    These tea ceremony implements are nice choice!
    Are you practicing tea ceremony at home? It is wonderful.
    Keep going !