Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trade or Sale!

I have decided to "weed out" my kimono collection... again. But since I have gotten many new things recently, I need to take some of the older things out to make room. So here's some of what I have to sell/trade. I would honestly prefer trades - mostly I'm looking for obiage, obijime, LL zori, and obi, but all offers will be reviewed (if it's a kimono you're offering, it has to be at least 68" tall and 54" wingspan or I won't consider it. I'm a goliath lol).

Click on the links to view the images:
Burgundy sha komon with leaf design
Blue-purple ro komon with leaf design and stripes
Blue striped odori komon SOLD
Red yabane odori komon

I'll add more to this post later!

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