Thursday, April 26, 2012

Purple Maple Komon

As if I am in need of any more kimono... lol

Anyway, they only had one left, and I had been contemplating buying this one for a while. It's from the same series as the other TL size kimono I have bought recently. Since I don't have but one kimono with fall motifs, I decided to bite the bullet and get this one. Plus, it's purple! =D

They had an option to add an obi, but the one I wanted for this kimono was out of stock (plus, it would have cost me an extra 2500 Yen over the already increased price for adding obi...). It was a bright lime green with stylized kiku. However, I did buy a similar colored obi back in January that has fall leaves on it (not momiji though). I think it may work with this one, but we'll have to wait for it to arrive to find out for sure.


  1. What a lovely kimono <3 I don't blame you for purchasing it, purple is one of my favorite colours too :) I think the green obi you linked to will look fabulous with it, really bold! I look forward to pics of your ensembles with this kimono ;)

    1. Thanks! I've typically played it safe in the past when it comes to my kitsuke, so I've been trying to come up with some bolder ensembles. Might as well while I'm young, right? XD