Monday, February 14, 2011

Bright Orange Tsukesage

The orange tsukesage in my closet was calling out for love today (it is Valentine's Day after all), so I took it out and paired it with my pine fukuro obi (tied in nijuudaiko) as a last homage to winter before I put all of the wintery things away for the season. I chose my purple & mint obiage and my purple & gold obijime to round out the ensemble. I always felt that the orange and purple just mesh nicely. And I threw in my homemade netsuke for a cute touch. ^_^


  1. This tsukesage is really nice!I like vivid orange and the design.And the obi is wonderful.
    Your kitsuke is wonderful!Did you learn it by yourself?

  2. Yes, I am completely self-taught. I wish there were kitsuke classes locally, but sadly there are few kimono enthusiasts in this area.

  3. I see. Wow,that's really great!
    I think every Japanese will marvel at your skill of kitsuke.
    In these days,we Japanese have few opportunity of wearing kimono.It's really sad.So I'm very moved by your"Happy kitsuke".It's marvelous!