Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthday Kitsuke

Yesterday, some friends and I got together and celebrated my birthday early (it's not until February 28th). I decided, "It's my birthday, and what the heck, I'll wear kimono!" I pulled out my bangasa odori kimono (since it's washable) and my botan nagoya obi. I paired these with my pink sakura obiage, purple & gold obijime, black sakura tabi, and pale green zori. I was very happy with the combo and have gotten very positive feedback from the lovely people on the Immortal Geisha forums.

I also took the opportunity to dress my friend up in my sakura kofurisode because my matsukawabishi fukuro obi came today (great birthday gift to myself!!). I couldn't do a great job on her because I ran out of stuff to use for padding. X.X I also still need work on furisode musubi, so I'm not going to show the picture of the musubi. With more practice, I'll feel more confident, I'm sure.

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