Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter Kitsuke

It's a shame that I didn't have time to practice kitsuke much this semester, so I had to entirely thwart the fall ensembles and move right into winter! This ensemble is not perfectly winter, but the colors were the main draw for putting these things together. The nearly all black ensemble is very chic to me. The kimono is a black tsukesage with purple bangasa. The obi is nagoya style wine red with silver accented white peonies. While peonies are not winter, the colors of that obi certainly are wintery. The haori is a brand new one with momiji and ume that I have been DYING to photograph. I chose my mint and lavender obiage and an ice blue obijime to round out the Japanese part of the ensemble. I finished
it off with Western winter accessories: black boots (borrowed from my sister), a grey beret, and black knitted gloves. It was quite toasty under all of that, which was definitely a good thing because it was close to freezing outside when we took the pictures! I was pleased my kitsuke today, especially with my collars. I even had my sister take photos of them to show them off! The ohashori even looked good (for once)! The only thing I would fix is my obiage because it looked messy. But that's only one thing out of many, so I can't complain! =D

Much thanks to my lovely sister who took some very awesome photos.


  1. So pretty! You remind me of some of the fashionable middle-aged women who walk around in kimono mixed with western accessories. The look is awesome, I may have to try that sometime!

  2. I just felt like a little kimono hime was needed =)

  3. hello,stunning kitsuke!
    thank you for follow my blog.

    see you ^^

  4. thank you, kimichisai! it only took me five years to get to where i finally feel capable with my kitsuke XP