Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Spring in Winter

I got this purple kofurisode over the summer, and until today, it still had the tags on it! I felt bad for neglecting it, and despite it being winter, I decided it needed some attention. I paired it with my pale green fukuro obi which I tied in otaiko, and then I finished it off with a green obijime, pink shibori obiage, my octopus obidome, and my pale green zori. :) Overall, I'm pleased! I did the musubi in the front, and it actually didn't turn it to a total wreck when I turned it around the back! I wish my collar was a little better, but I had to use my eri sugata since I haven't gotten around to finding a nagajuban with sleeves that fit this kimono. :ohno: My ohashori is just a tiny bit too long for my taste, but I think that's just being nitpicky... XP Sorry that the pics aren't better, but my boyfriend was kind enough to take these for me, so I can't truly complain (SO much better than taking them by myself with the mirror!).

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