Monday, January 26, 2009

Enough? NEVER!

As if I did not already have enough kimono things! I could not resist all of these things on eBay and RyuJapan!

The first buy was a yellow and dragonfly kinchaku bag from Ryu. It matches my yukata fairly well, but I love that butter-yellow color, and I will MAKE it match some of my other things. :)

The next was a red and black hakata nagoya obi from Ryu's eBay store. It might be a little short for me, but I can fudge things pretty well most of the time.

Then, I got this wine red (really sort of purple) colored obi from Kimono-Bestbuy. I love the white peonies on it. They totally pop out at you!

The last one is also from Kimono-Bestbuy. This one I bought to match my orange tsukesage. That kimono has green, yellow, red, and gold accents, and I think it will match nicely. And I love the modern woven squares on it.

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