Monday, January 19, 2009

New Beauties!

I won a few new items yesterday on eBay. I really needed all of the items, and I got everything for a steal! The first and most important thing I won was a pair of white size L zori. These are vinyl and will match for almost any occasion!

Next, I got a white, pink, and light blue juban with 22 inch (56 cm) sodetake, because the orange tsukesage I own has longer sode, therefore not fitting my other juban with shorter sode.

Then, I got a pink obiage with sakura blossoms embroidered on it. I needed a color that would coordinate with many different outfits, so I figured that a light pink would be just the thing. Now I need a pink obijime to match. I'm on the hunt right now! XD

Last, a package of gold mizuhiki for my kanzashi creations.

Probably the best buy of the whole thing was the obiage. I only paid $1.80 for it! I am really surprised that I didn't get outbid on it, especially since my max bid was only $5, but hey, I'm not complaining! The shoes were also a shock, because everyone wants plain white zori. I only paid $8 for those. Another surprise because they are a size L which is harder to find. This same seller had them for $30 on his website, so I saved a lot by winning the bid. I just can't wait until all my things arrive, but since they are coming SAL, I expect it to take a while. :(

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