Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Giving Life to Old Obi

For years, I have had these two tsukuri obi just sitting in my house. I bought them both for very little. The first is a rough brown one - likely cotton - and the other is a synthetic one with printed kanoko dots. They are plain and versatile, but pretty boring... I had an idea quite a long time ago to add appliqués, but I truly kept forgetting about it. While moving thing around the other day, I finally remember that idea. I found several cute designs, but the little orange and yellow owls were my favorite. I also picked up some flower appliqués of varying designs. These appliqués are iron-on type,

And these are the results!

Brown cotton obi with owl and flower appliqués
Close-up of owl and flower appliqués
Close-up of taresaki appliqué
Black print kanoko obi with magenta flower appliqué
Close-up of flower appliqué

I also did some kitsuke with each one. I used my navy cotton komon for both since it is easy to coordinate.

Each obi has a different feel, but I think I like the owl one the best!

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