Monday, August 3, 2015

Kitsuke Practice with Sha Hikizuri

My newest hikizuri arrived in the mail this past week. I suspect it to be one that was used for dance/stage performance, and by the incredibly large dimensions (235cm long and 150cm wingspan!), it might even have been used by an onnagata.

Not only its size is intriguing, but the lining is also a bit of a mystery. It's sha-awase for the most part, but it is unlined at the top of the shoulder area.

I would have loved to have tried it on myself, but I've hurt both of my shoulders and back so just did some kitsuke practice on the sewing mannequin.

I tried to tie the obi in the tsunodashi musubi variant reminiscent of the Tokyo geisha style. (The lighting made the obi look more flat than it really was.)

All things considered, I think it came out ok. I was mostly concerned because I can't pull hard to tie things tightly. Hopefully, my shoulders/back will stop acting up so I practice with it properly!


  1. Ne ne Tsukiko-sama,

    do you have an online resource for how to reliably tie the tsunodashi musubi you did, above? Because that LOOKS FLAWLESS. And its one of the few knots (and styles) that I have never done.

    Please let me know here or by email! <3