Wednesday, September 23, 2015

End of Summer Review

With today being the first day of autumn, I thought I'd look back and talk about my two favorite purchases this past summer.

In the early half of the summer, I finally found a shibori yukata that was large enough for me. It was even better that it was purple! I often find that I only wear an item once per season - if at all - but I wore this three times (which is saying something when you don't wear kimono every day)! The color is just fabulous, and the comfort level is incomparable. Though I spent more than I probably should have on a single piece, it will probably pay for itself just by the number of times I will wear it.

Image and product from Ichiroya
My other favorite purchase is probably a little unlikely. While I found many beautiful things over the summer, this is not one of them! In fact, you wouldn't see it at all when worn. 
But that being said - this item kept me so comfortable that I wouldn't trade it for anything! It was this loofah-like obi makura intended for hot weather. The light spongy texture is firm enough to keep the obi musubi in place but soft enough that if you lean on it, it will not crush it or hurt your back. And the airy texture kept me from sweating as much as I could have. It cost me less than $20, and I'd recommend this to anyone who wears kimono during the summer.

Image and product from Kimono Nagomiya on Rakuten
And now, I am very excited to pull out all my fall and winter items! As well as search for new things!

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