Monday, February 20, 2012

Tea Ceremony and Dance Lessons

This past Friday, my boyfriend Josh's Japanese class got together to do a tea ceremony demonstration. One of the more experienced students from the local group was the host. We came purely as on-lookers, but since we were the only guests in kimono, the instuctors asked if we would join in the demonstration. I have only been in one other tea ceremony before (and it's been a few years...), so we muddled through it, but I think most people were none the wiser. The "main guest" was one of the instructors, and she gave hints here and there as to what we were to do. Starting Saturday, Josh and I are going to try to attend the bimonthly tea ceremony lessons offered locally. Below is a photo of the group that attended (Patty-senpai is in the front in the black haori; Josh and I are on the right side).

Also, starting Wednesday, I am going to take Japanese dance lessons! They needed more people to perform for the local celebration this year, so I asked if I could help. It's going to only be a month until the 1st performance, so I will have to work really hard, but I look forward to it!

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  1. Wow! That sounds interesting!
    And your classmates are wonderful!
    Go for it!