Sunday, February 12, 2012

Matsuba Kimono and First Katsura!

I really need to go on a buying hiatus now that I've put out so much money lately. It's a wonder I still have money for bills this month! But since my birthday is at the end of the month, I decided to buy myself a present: my first katsura!

At $90 plus domestic shipping, this was a steal. It will however need some TLC to restore it... It is a wedding katsura, but I will remake it as close as I can to a geiko katsura for a future geiko-hime. I am very excited about it!

I also got another kimono for only $1.04 from Ryu.

It's 173 cm tall! The pictures make it look navy blue, but it's listed as purple, so I'm interested to see what color it really is when it arrives. Also, I'm unsure if this counts as houmongi or irotomesode. Since it only has one crest, I'm guessing houmongi, but can anyone confirm that?


  1. I think it is still an irotomesode, but with only one crest. There are lower-formality irotomesode. Actually, I have one myself, here:

    They may not be as common, but they definitely have their uses when visiting wear wouldn't be quite proper.

    As well, I've bought kimono that look bright cerulean in photos, and they turned out to be royal purple in person. It's a thing with digital cameras and blue colours. Someone explained it to me once, but the technical reasons about interpreting green light and such are over my head. :P