Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sailor Mars Cosplay

Very soon, my Sailor Mars cosplay will finally be complete! I've wanted to cosplay a Sailor Senshi since I was a kid watching the anime on Toonami after school. I've had a Sailor Mars costume for about a year now, but like many premade ones, it's far too short. I'm going to redo the bodice to make it a full three inches longer so that it fits me properly. I also ordered a few things to finish it off:

a Super Sailor Mars brooch (since the costume is missing it)...

a Super Sailor Mars transformation wand...

...and metal Sailor Mars tiara (Sailor Pluto is shown in the picture, but it's the same color stone).

I will add pictures of the completed look when it's done!


  1. I used to watch Sailor Moon when was I younger too. It would be on in the morning, so I would watch it while getting ready for school. Good times watching that show. I look forward to seeing the completed costume :]