Saturday, June 4, 2011

More Obiage and Obijime

I bought a new ro obiage and obijime set today. After re-dyeing the old blue one to yellow and buying a matching yellow summer obijime, I decided I either needed a blue or green set for a softer look, so I got BLUE-GREEN, lol.

I also ordered a white and pink obiage that was quite cheap due to staining, but I figure I will dye it (maybe blue?), so no one will see the stains anyway.

This yellow summer obijime came in the mail yesterday, so now I have a yellow summer set! (It actually has little iridescent threads running through it which catch the light so beautifully!)

This is the matching obiage, which I dyed yellow (used to be pale blue):

I also dyed my pink shibori obiage to this lovely lavender color. I think it will see much more use now.

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