Sunday, February 15, 2009


I have been looking all week for new kimono kitsuke ideas. I had heard of Mamechiyo before, but because the site was in Japanese for the most part, I could not read enough to get interested. With the help of Google translate and my curiosity, I started looking through their webshop and blog. The ideas they have come up with for modern ways of wearing kimono are fascinating! They sometimes use more modern or Western things, such as lace, for their pieces, but they still have that traditional Japanese flair. The ideas that I am especially smitten with are the stripes and polka dots combos. But, unfortunately, I cannot order from them because I couldn't get through the order form if I tried (again, the Japanese), and I don't think that they ship to the US anyway. But, I thought that if I got the Folkwear pattern for kimono and some fabric similar to theirs, I could makes some neat items. The good news is, fabric like they use is easy to find at almost any fabric store because of its modernity. Since I probably will not be able to work on this project until spring break or even summer break, I have plenty of time to change my mind about the patterns, but I think it will be similar.

I am not crazy about everything Mamechiyo has though. There are some obi that have a sort-of fall fruit theme that to me looks like someone non-Japanese bought cheap closeout fabric without knowledge of traditional kimono patterns. Now, I know that the people who run Mamechiyo know all about kimono, but I simply dislike the look of that obi. They have a few others things that are not exactly my style, but I was DROOLING over most of their items! I am anxious to start my project, but being in nursing school right now is barely allowing me to do anything other than study, so I will just have to plan and wait.


  1. Hi, Jackie. I'm JuJu from Japan. I'm also interested in Kimono and have been taking a kimono class since last Spring. I cannot tie my obi yet, though. I learned how to wear Yukata first, and then Kimono this winter. It's cool that you put your photo in Kimono on your blog! Beautiful. I'll visit your blog later :)

  2. If you're interested, I went through Mamechiyo's blog one day (all 2+ years of entries) and saved the best images into a gallery. link:

    If you ever find out how to use the order form on her site, please blog it! I subscribe to your blog via Google Reader and I'd love to find out how to order from Mamechiyo. ^^