Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Horse shows

I had no idea why (at first), but when I went outside this morning to get breakfast from the cafeteria, I felt like I should be at a horse show. It was early, cool, cloudy -- all things that tend to happen at horse shows. You are always up early (like 5 or 6 am) so you can get out, feed the horses, groom them for the show, and braid their manes, if needed. In eventing, you also need to get up to walk the courses, if you haven't already. Then, from the fact that it's early, you can assume that the weather is cool. And for some reason, it always seems to rain at horse shows. I just want to be at a horse show, or just the barn, so badly right now. Fortunately, my prelab tonight for hospital work tomorrow has been canceled (I guess because it's Ash Wednesday), so if it's not raining, I can go to my parent's house and ride my horses. I hope the weather clears!

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