Monday, February 10, 2014

February 8th - Tea Ceremony Kitsuke

I haven't posted any kitsuke photos in some time, so I thought I'd share these. We had an informal tea ceremony practice this weekend. I wore a pink full shibori kimono that I had only briefly tried on when I bought it last April. I couldn't find a good occasion to wear it before, but my husband suggested I wear it this weekend, so I did! He also helped me choose the rest of the outfit. (He has somewhat reluctantly become a part of my outfit-choosing process.)

Since it was a casual practice (and I had another event right before), I took a little license and wore a casual nagoya obi with a cat design. I paired it with a dark blue obiage, a blue checkerboard sanbuhimo, rose design obidome, and a blue haneri with plum design for February.

Close-up of accessories
Selfie, but you can see the haneri better in this one.
Full-body, front
Full-body, back
Of course there has to be a cat photo!
I also performed tea ceremony that day, and my friend took some pictures, so I may have some more photos soon! Thanks for looking!


  1. Very lovely kitsuke ! It fit you very well.
    The cat obi is awsome ! :D