Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dark Blue/Purple Geiko Hikizuri with Whirlpool Pattern

I found this hikizuri on Shinei today, and since I haven't bought any geiko hikizuri in quite a while, I snatched up this one. It does have some damage, but for the price, I am willing to try to repair what I can. Most of the fading/staining seems to be in a spot to be covered by the obi anyway (*UPDATE 1: The faded part in the center is actually not as bad as the photo, and it will be covered by the obi. The hole only through the outer layer of silk, but it is right on my bottom and can't be covered, but I still may be able to reinforce it a little). And of course, like 50% of the hikizuri I own, it's a blue tone (*UPDATE 2: It's more purple or blue depending on the light. In my apartment, it tends to be bright purple). Either that's what's mostly available or I like that color a lot. ^_^ They didn't picture the inside of the kimono, so I have no idea if it's hitoe or awase. I'm leaning toward awase because many hitoe hikizuri don't have a padded bottom, but it really could be either (*UPDATE 3: It's awase, just very thin - like right before you break out the hitoe). I'm having it shipped EMS, so hopefully it won't be too long before it's in my hands!

Detail shot of the design


  1. Wow that's a cool one! I like the water/whirlpool pattern. :)

  2. Thank you! I thought the pattern was neat, too!