Monday, April 22, 2013

SUPER LONG Zentsuu Fukuro Obi!

A lovely person on  the Immortal Geisha forums posted a link to two zentsuu fukuro obi on eBay with some very nice length for us Western sized people. The first had a butterfly pattern, but looked more like a share fukuro obi. The second was this lovely black and silver botan pattern obi. So, you know what I did...

It's 190 inches long!! And the silvery thread dresses it up more than other one. Also, I've seen quite a few modern ensembles lately that make use of predominantly black obi like this, and they look so chic!


  1. do you think you'll turn this into a maiko henshin piece?

    1. Probably not because I actually use it for my geiko henshin.