Thursday, April 11, 2013

MTAC 2013 - Geisha henshin and more!

The last weekend of March was MTAC 13 - Devil's Dozen in Nashville. I applied for and was accepted to do a panel on geisha. We had a prime slot at 7pm on Saturday. That was the highlight, but I also did a little cosplay and kimono hime on the other days. I have a lot of pictures to share!

I did a cosplay for Yuko Ichihara from xxxHolic. I wore a black butterfly yukata as a kimono with my black neko tsukuri obi. The hair gave me so much trouble because of the length, so I ended up braiding it. I had a Mokona and a kiseru as my props. We also got autographs from Jamie Marchi and Monica Rial! That evening was also the Grand Galloping Gala formal, so I borrowed my sister's Princess Celestia costume for that.

Saturday was our geisha panel. My geisha henshin group - Tsuki no Ie Okiya - did the presentation. I did the majority of the talking, but "Tsukiuma" (maiko henshin) and "Mitsurutsuki" (taiko mochi henshin)were very wonderful as well! Tsukiuma and I ("Tsukiko" - geiko henshin) had our pictures done by a professional photographer. We were complimented by many people on the authenticity of our outfits. ^_^

Sunday was good-bye day =(. I did some kimono hime to round out the week. It was an improvement on the kimono hime I did for Mid-South Con.


  1. how do you do the hime-bow in the front of your obi-age? Inquiring minds wish to know~~

    1. This video should help: