Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kimono Break - Bring on the Cosplay!

I'm taking a short hiatus from kimono to work on cosplay. I just received my custom Elizabeth "Lizzy" Middleford cosplay (from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler). I'm very happy with how it looks!

Once I have the wig finished, I'll post my Makina Hoshimura cosplay (from Shikabane Hime/Corpse Princess).


  1. Awesome cosplay! You surely spent a huge amount of time and patience on it, soo many ruffles and lacy parts O.O
    I am having a small kimono break too at the moment, 'cause I'm working on my first cosplay (^.^)
    I'd love to see pictures of your other one soon!

  2. Cute Lizzy!
    You look fabulous.
    Thank you for sharing wonderful photos.