Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year's Kitsuke (belated) and My Boyfriend in Yukata!

I know it's been 10 days since New Year's day, but my kurotomesode didn't come in until two days ago, and I've been dying to do some kitsuke with it. Since my silver obijime has not arrived yet, and I do not own a white obiage, I have substituted a cream obijime and light pink obiage for the meantime. (Forgive me!) I paired the kimono with my pine fukuro obi, which I think went quite nicely with it. It fit the season very well. ^_^ The kurotomesode itself has pheasants on it, of which I am uncertain of the seasonality (if there is one). When I get married, I will be happy because I can pull this one out again for ceremonial occasions.

Back shot:

Mac got his first yukata in the mail today! Since the obi has yet to arrive, we substituted a red hanhaba obi that we folded in half to look like a kaku obi. It's bold, but I've seen more brightly colored men's obi lately, and since it's informal, I think it looks just fine! He looks so handsome!

Back shot:

Working on mischief together ;D

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  1. You look really nice and beautiful with your kurotomesode!
    It is very chic and elegant,and pheasants design is very good.Are you gonna wear it on ceremonial occasions after you get married? It's very good for you!
    Your boyfriend looks really nice with his yukata!
    He is so handsome! You two are really nice couple.