Monday, March 20, 2017

The Return of the Immortal Geisha Forums!

I am so excited to hear that the Immortal Geisha forums are finally coming back online! While the Facebook page has definitely been nice in many regards, the forums served as a wealth of knowledge, and it will be nice to be able have people add to that knowledge bank again. Here is the official message that former members received a few days ago:

"Good Day Everyone,

We are very excited to announce that after a 2+ year hiatus, the Immortal
Geisha Forums shall be re-launched!

While we've been happy with having the Facebook group, we came to realize
there was a limitation with retaining educational and informative
information. In order to maximize the benefits of all platforms, we've
decided to re-open the forums along with keeping the Facebook group active.
Additionally, the main website wiki has received a much needed overhaul
along with some new surprises.

Today, we will be switching the DNS for over to the new
server. It can take up to 72 hours for a DNS to resolve. If after 72
hours you are still seeing the old design for Immortal Geisha, please
ensure your browser cache has been purged.

The forums will re-launched on the 21th of March (providing the DNS change
goes without problems). You will find an announcement and link to the
forums on the homepage of along with an announcement in
the Facebook Group.

In addition to reading the Welcome Back thread, please ensure that you read
through the rules and guidelines before signing up as we've done an
overhaul on the rules. Also, please be patient as moderators will be
manually activating accounts and account activation could take from a few
minutes to a few hours, depending on when the moderators are online.

We are excited to start this new chapter of Immortal Geisha with you and
look forward to seeing you on the 21st of March!

The IG Team ~"

One important note for former members: everyone will have to make new accounts. Surely, you can use your old username if you like - provided no one else grabs it first!

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  1. I'm honestly so excited that the forums will come back!