Thursday, March 10, 2016

Several new purchases and mannequin kitsuke with new obi

I decided to do some kitsuke on my sewing mannequin the other day so I could practice with the new obi that my husband bought for me. The first one is a reversible cotton hanhaba. I love the simplicity of the dots and stripes in black and white! 

And here is the kitsuke I did with it. This musubi was kind of made up as I went along, but based on many I have seen in the past.

The second is a brown wool blend heko obi with butterflies and sakura. (No front shot on that one because it was more about the musubi.) I really like how much structure this one has compared to summer heko obi. I can't wait to test it out more later!

I also have acquired several other items over the past few months!

Linen and cotton blend beige kimono

Purple and cream shibori Nagoya obi

Large peony fukuro-Nagoya obi

Hot pink African animal kappogi

Bright apricot obiage

 Peacock blue obiage

 Light blue obiage

Blue swan tsukuri obi

Cream karabana taiko-gara fukuro obi

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